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Goals Based Advice Podcast

Jun 10, 2020

The goals-based advice movement is largely regarded as the future of advice, with more businesses embracing every year. However, as with many big changes in life, knowing where to start is often the largest hurdle to overcome. Going from a traditional advice practice to practice with new processes, priorities and expectations can be overwhelming.

In this episode, we speak to Dean Lombardo, a financial advice business coach based in Melbourne to discuss how you can transform your business from a traditional practice to that of a future-focused goals-based advice business. We discuss how to introduce goals-based advice principles into client conversations, how to move from an adviser to a coach, and how to ensure your business is ‘transferable’ when it comes to business succession planning.

This episode is all about overcoming the initial hesitations of embracing change and building confidence to run a successful and engaging advice business of the future. We get the opportunity to hear about a range of topics that will leave you inspired and ready to take the next big step in your practice. 


To reach out to Dean Lombardo, please contact him via his LinkedIn profile. 

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to start transferring your business to a goals-based advice business
  • Understanding the transferability of client relationships for future business valuations
  • Why shared business values are so important in succession planning
  • How to maintain a relationship with clients who are working with a new adviser
  • How to understand your client’s measure of success
  • What it means to measure ‘emotional data’
  • How far ahead you should plan goals with clients
  • How to take a long term plan and break it into short term measurable milestones
  • Why new business processes should start with new clients
  • How to coach your clients through the journey of self-discovery 
  • How understanding your client’s personality types can impact your advice

About Our Guest:

Dean Lombardo is the owner and financial planning business coach at Effortless Engagement with 20+ years of experience in the industry. Dean works with advice businesses and institutions to help realise their purpose and build meaningful connections with their clients. Starting as a paraplanner in Melbourne, Dean has a wealth of experience managing and leading financial planning businesses. He is known for his ability to visualise the long term goals of business planning while also focussing on the small, everyday value-adds that make for a strong adviser-client relationship.

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