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Goals Based Advice Podcast

Dec 21, 2020

When your clients strive to reach their goals, there are generally three pieces to the puzzle:

The head, the heart, and the hands;

The numbers, the motivations, and the actions;

As the adviser plays the part of the planner, the coach and the implementer.

In this episode number 158 of The Goals-based advice Podcast, we speak to Financial Planner turned Money Coach, Financial Educator & Keynote Speaker; Karen Eley, CEO of Women Talking Finance.

Karen chats about how clients have different money archetypes, from their past, that play a big part in how they feel about their money.

We cover how clients filter what you say, hearing something more related to their past, beliefs, and how they focus more on the things that are happening right now.

We also cover how she gets results for females, bridging the confidence gap, and financial relationship dynamics with couples.

So if you are open to seeing how financial coaching could work in your business or with your clients, then this episode number 158 of the Goals-based advice Podcast is a must.


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